For all business customers, land owners and developers

SEC Ambitions

We have investigated installing rooftop solar across the SEC campus, the Solar Arrays has been sized to ensure that all the power can be consumed within the buildings to supply power to devices or to generate hot water.

We have also considered on-site storage to further benefit from electricity generated that would otherwise be exported to the grid or be lost due to curtailment.

SSE Energy Solutions Services

For companies interested in generating their own energy, SSE Energy Solutions offers fully-financed solar solutions where we develop, build, own, operate and maintain solar systems. Zero carbon energy is then provided at no upfront cost – simply charged under a fixed term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

We utilise onsite space such as car park canopies, vacant ground space, or roof-tops to deploy Solar PV and create value from underutilised assets. If you don’t have available onsite space, we can secure offsite land, delivering energy through a private wire, or from a remote solar facility via the grid.

Our whole system capability means we can integrate solar generation with a wider range of complementary distributed energy solutions, bespoke to your site requirements and ensuring your energy resources are fully optimised for efficiency and carbon reduction whilst adding/improving resilience.


For all business of all size and structure

SEC Ambitions

We have considered the installation of wind turbines across the SEC Campus. The size, output and quantity of turbines to be scaled ensuring that power generated can be consumed by the buildings to supply power to devices or to generate hot water.

SSE Energy Solutions Services

Businesses of all sizes have to act now to reduce their carbon emissions, for employees, shareholders and customers. SSE Energy Solutions enables you to show the world that you are committed to a sustainable future through choosing our UK generated renewable energy.

Not all green energy is equal
Some renewable energy tariffs give just the illusion of being green, through purchasing Green Certificates from generators in the UK or EU. AT SSE we are investing £7.5Bn by 2025 to treble the amount of renewable energy we generate and this is the energy we supply all our business customers with. What is more, we are third party verified by AToS giving you the assurance that your supply is 100% renewable.

Traceability is important
To boost your sustainability credentials further, you can choose SSE Next Generation where every unit of electricity is matched to a named generating asset, providing specific traceability. Or, we can give you direct access to output from specific SSE generation assets through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options.

What going green can do for you
Having authentic CSR credentials is increasingly important in procurement and can help you win business as well as engage employees and attract investors. We can work with you to start improving your entire supply chain’s sustainability, too.


For all business customers, land owners and developers

SEC Ambitions

We have investigated the installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure as a method to decarbonise SEC’s operations in addition to supporting our supply chain, our partners and the wider public’s switch from fossil fuels. We are considering the impact that this will have on future electricity demand and subsequent electrical infrastructure needed.

SSE Energy Solutions Services

Simple end-to-end vehicle charging solutions designed for businesses to support in being ready for the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. We deploy fleet and community EV charging hubs, electrify bus depots, support with workplace charging and help our clients to develop long-term EV strategies.

We offer:


For developers, organisations and local authorities

SEC Ambitions

We have investigated solutions for the decarbonisation of heat. Initial emphasis will be placed on reducing energy consumption via upgrades to the building fabric and improvement of the existing controls strategy.

While we are considering measures to maximise heat recovery. We are considering the increased use of lower temperature environmental heat (such as heat recovered from the ground or water sources) in support of the development of an electrically heat network with integrated heat pumps.

The use of heat recovery and thermal stores in the design will maximise system efficiency while decoupling the time of use of the electricity from the time of use for the heat.

SSE Energy Solutions Services

The generation of heat consumes just under 50% of the energy we use. Domestic heating accounts for around 20% of the nation’s carbon emissions.

Currently, energy networks are either generation or capacity constrained, meaning EV chargers, heat pumps and renewables cannot connect.

Heat networks can provide the ideal solution in areas with high heat load, such as city centres. They enable us to distribute waste heat from for example industrial processes and distribute it to nearby customers. Using that waste heat means we don’t need so much electricity to generate heat and therefore helps to reduce the demand on the electricity grid. Heat networks can provide the lowest cost, lowest carbon heat for homes and businesses in UK cities.

Undoubtedly, decarbonising heat sources will be one of the biggest challenges facing UK energy policymakers over the next few decades.

These challenges will be difficult to overcome. But not impossible with the right combination of innovative design, investment, reliability and resilience, as well as positive change to regulation to support our path to net zero.


A complete managed solution for organisations and places

SEC Ambitions

We have investigated the upgrade of the SEC’s existing electrical infrastructure to provide a network that supports our ambitions for a Smart Micro-Grid. The upgraded system will enable all parts of the Campus to benefit from embedded energy assets being connected directly onto the network. This whole system approach will enable the decarbonisation of heat and power while providing a resilient and flexible platform capable of adapting to maturing technology.

SSE Energy Solutions Services

Electricity Infrastructure forms the core energy backbone for any organisation and having a private electricity network can bring significant business advantages.

Reliable electrical power is an inherent necessity for any organisation and for high energy users where there is a private electrical network, balancing investment and risk mitigation whilst maintaining resilient supplies is a complex undertaking for many businesses and local authorities. The UK’s transformer fleet is generally considered to be aged and there are significant risks associated with this – risks to business operations, unplanned repair or replacement costs, and not least threat to life due to fire risks. SSE Energy Solutions can adopt and manage your private electricity network, taking responsibility for its network resilience and improving its energy efficiency and sustainability.

For new developments we will design and build your network to meet the most stringent standards of safety and efficiency and where appropriate, SSE’s Independent Network Operator business can adopt, own and operate the distribution network. Clients connected to our networks benefit from regulated charges, freedom of choice of supplier and guaranteed performance standards.

Improved energy resilience and cost efficiency, whilst also improving staff well-being

For all business customers, land owners and developers

SEC Ambitions

We have considered opportunities to drive energy efficiency through improved management of the SEC built environment. Better integrated Smart Building Management Systems will minimise energy costs, reduced displaced carbon and improve environmental conditions for Campus users while helping to better inform improvements to the building fabric.

SSE Energy Solutions Services

SSE Energy Solutions Smart Buildings integrate technology and process to create a facility that is safer, more comfortable and productive for its occupants, and more operationally efficient for its owners, using innovative, integrated Building Energy Management solutions.

SSE Energy Solutions’ Smart Buildings team provide Building Energy Management System (BEMS) design, operation and maintenance services for new buildings, major refurbishments, or retrofitting into existing buildings. The system controls and monitors all the essential power, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) plant and equipment that ensure the building continues to run efficiently, safely and comfortably. Increasingly, our Smart Buildings Platform can connect other systems, such as lighting or fire safety, as well as offer an engineered solution of actively treating the air in mechanically ventilated buildings and removing contaminants and particulates such as bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, sensor technology is moving at pace and with wireless connection of additional IoT devices, it’s now possible to have even smarter dynamic estate monitoring and control, based on real-time building occupancy and other usage and performance metrics to improve energy and cost efficiency, whilst also improving staff well-being.

Our breadth of technical expertise covers all the main BEMS platforms in the UK, including Siemens, Trend, and Tridium systems – all of which can be controlled remotely from our state-of-the-art Energy Management Centre. We also have a national network of local offices ready to respond should you ever need an engineer to visit your site.

Our Business Energy Intelligence service gives business’ all the information they need by taking in half-hourly data for optimising the workplace. Understanding where you use your energy is the first step to reducing it. BEI enables customers to visualise their consumption up to half hourly granularity and compare to previous periods to spot trends and exceptions to save money, cost, and ultimately carbon.


Data Collection & Data Aggregation DC/DA

SEC Ambitions

We have investigated the potential for the SEC to intelligently manage newly introduced embedded generation resources and to schedule demand on site to minimise the import or export of power. By co-ordinating demand side flexibility across the Campus we will better manage power flows and maximise benefits from the participation in grid services and the capacity market.

SSE Energy Solutions Services

Providing insight into your energy usage enabling you to take full control of your energy strategy and accelerate your journey to net zero.

Businesses and public sector organisations could save up to 30% on ‘hidden’ energy costs whilst increasing energy efficiency thanks to smart use of data produced every 30 minutes.

Historically, only the largest consumers would have half hourly meters on site recording the electricity consumption at 48 half hour intervals. But the Industry has seen programmes such as P272 and the current Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP) enabling more consumers to have access to their half hourly data. Ofgem are working on transitioning the whole electricity market into half hourly settlement which will see suppliers begin migrating smart meters, allowing businesses to consolidate all meters under a single half hourly DC/DA.

SSE has brought together a specialist team of half hourly market experts to help overcome the hidden cost of default data aggregation. Our new Data Collection and Aggregation (DC/DA) service will manage the secure collection of Half Hourly data whilst providing accurate data to both customers and energy suppliers.


The city of the future realised with smart technology to optimise and inform energy needs

SEC Ambitions

We have investigated the potential for the SEC to intelligently manage newly introduced embedded generation resources and to schedule demand on site to minimise the import or export of power. By co-ordinating demand side flexibility across the campus we will better manage power flows and maximise benefits from the participation in grid services and the capacity market.

SSE Energy Solutions Services

A Smart City Platform is a ‘window’ into what is happening in a city or place. Whether its traffic, pedestrians or cyclists, river levels or air quality, the platform allows the user to analysis and correlate data. Good data informs and evidence’s what is really happening in our world and contributes to and helps substantiate decisions and investment. It’s a tool to enhance performance, optimise resources, reduce waste, consumption, and costs, and most importantly improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Our Sentinel Optical Sensor is a device that is used to measure the flow of traffic and pedestrians either on the highways or in town centres and public areas. The sensor can identify objects, count them, and then classify them as pedestrians, cyclists, and various types of traffic, such as cars, vans, trucks, and busses. It can also analyse this data to determine crowd density, traffic flow and rate of travel.

With this data the council can then measure and determine the impact of changes to road infrastructure or city planning. This enables them to make better decisions to improve the efficiency, safety, and experience of the public.

Our Central Management System (CMS) not only remotely monitors street lighting to ensure they are illuminating our roads and footpaths as expected. They also have the capability to alter the brightness of the light. This gives the ability to turn the light output up, down, or off. Energy saved is directly proportional to carbon emissions and cost expenditure.


The only way to deliver a fully optimised, net zero system that is fit for the future

Our Whole System Thinking approach combines the latest data analytics tools and digital technologies to intelligently coordinate and manage your energy assets in the most flexible, joined-up, energy-efficient and cost-effective way.

Our infrastructure specialists will work with you to optimise the performance of your energy assets and infrastructure across key areas including:

Our approach recognises that our business clients throughout the UK and Ireland are facing a set of key challenges.

Our commitment is to guide and enable our clients to meet and overcome these challenges with confidence and peace of mind.


A virtual model of a physical asset which behaves and responds like the real-world counterpart

In the built environment, these live twins leverage the growing Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure available within today’s buildings, data and using physics-based simulations, machine learning and AI to create highly accurate models that evolve with the buildings themselves.

From a single building to a community, campus, or city - a digital twin supports intelligent decision-making across urban planning, resource networks, renewable generation, and building design, operation and retrofit. Making it possible to plan future scenarios and virtually assess which options will return the best outcomes in terms of energy use, CO2 emissions, comfort, health and more, prior to investment and implementation in the real world. Helping to de-risk decisions on the route to net-zero.

Powered by IES

Our Digital Twin technology is powered by IES and facilitates the creation of resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments of any size or purpose. Simulating and analysing data to support smarter and more sustainable decision-making. IES is proud to be working in partnership with SSE as their digital twin partner of choice, working collaboratively to develop solutions for the built environment, smart cities, places and smart energy systems.

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